This catcher promotes an easy going nature and an optimistic outlook on life. Great for freeing stagnant creative energies or as a reminder that in every situation you can take a step back and laugh at the things that moments ago seemed serious. Keep playing!


Love Charm

When I made this catcher I pulled "the Lovers" from my tarot deck. The lovers is associated with Gemini and signifies balance, attraction, passion, desire and communication. This catcher would make a great gift for somebody who you may want to attract, or for somebody who you feel you need to engage in stronger more honest communications with. It could also be helpful in creating a more honest and forgiving relationship with yourself, especially coming to temps with contradictory aspects of your personality (because we all have them and many of us struggle with accepting our own.) By the way, my tarot deck beautifully illustrated by my parter Malcolm Smith, and can be found here: http://www.malcolmsmithartist.com/store/ Keep Playing


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