Wednesday, November 4

Today I made two dreamcatchers. The first is a nap catcher, made to induce a state of sleepy relaxation. The second is called "Acceptance" and it is made to help move on from stuck patterns in your life. One ritual to use "Acceptance" is to trace the hoop with your fingers thinking of the pattern you wish to resolve, then tap each of the knots on the second to last inner loop while saying the mantra "I accept" to each knot, then tap each of the innermost knots saying "I have moved on" then trace the hoop again saying "Thank you". It's important to feel this as much as you can while innacting it, and to fully address thoughts and feeling that come up while you are doing it. It is also important to always do this work in a clockwise order. Keep Playing!

Tuesday, November 3

Today I made just about the girliest most disco looking thing I have made yet. The pictures dont show just how pink and poofy it is, but I assure you it's much more in person. The dream catcher is called "Dancing Dream" with it's roach clip pairing "Dancing Queen". This dreamcatcher is ideal for bringing a little bit of immodest unashamed adventure and pizazz (Yes, I just used that word.) into your life. We shall see what creations tomorrow brings! Perhaps something a bit more earthy tomorrow with a little less pizazz. Keep Playing!

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