Monday, November 2

Now that November has come it's official time to start making products for next summer's vending season, whee! I've started off this round of creation with a dreamcatcher. This one is called "Ring in the light" and it has been cast with intentions of filtering energy and persuading the haver to the tendancy to objectivety, allowing negative ideas to become positive through an alternative lens. The bels are meant to be rung with hands as an affirmation of gratitude. I'm really very pleased with this new lot of yarn I have. My what a lussious blue!

I'm also planning an art show this Winter. I've spent most of today scanning and putting photoshop matting on all of my pieces. I will be posting them soon in their own cattegory on the site with prints available!

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SIZES of Clothing!

It's important for me that everyone has a chance to enjoy creative, fun, comfortable clothing, so you'll find a variety of sizes here at PlaygroundGlory!

Sizes range from XX-SMALL to XXX-LARGE and sometimes even larger!

Some of the wrap-arounds don't even need to be worn as skirts! Be creative and have fun with your clothing!

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